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Emerging metalsmith Gabriele Cressman, known as Gabi, lives on the Coastside and is a gifted designer.

Designs pictured are representative of the collection. Please visit our store on Main Street to see what's currently available.

I recently interviewed Gabi and she revealed her design inspirations.

Here are some interview excerpts...

Why metal?

I love silver. It personalizes strength and brightness for me, but it also surprises with its softness and malleability. Every time I work with silver, I experience what a metal can tell me and how it can make me feel connected to the earth. Heating silver brings out the most beautiful radiant red and the glow is truly three-dimenional. Imagine three-dimensional color! I feel very fortunate to be able to experience that!


Ancient Egyptian art is for me the quintessence of scale, proportion, and beauty. I admire the work of Frank Lloyd Wright with his keen awareness of and connectedness to nature. And then here is the spectacular Mario Botta. I love his fun designs. He built the new SFMOMA in 1988, and I always felt Egyptian influences in that construction.


I get a lot of inspirations by listening to music, especially jazz. I sketch those ideas. At night I sometimes wake up, like from a dream and see a piece. I sketch that and work it into a design. But then I also see a piece of silver and feel what I can do with it.


I love strong colors. They allow me to express playfulness and happiness. I want to bring happiness with my jewelry. Resin has a beautiful smooth and warm touch. I like to play with a jewelry piece in my hands. Feel is very important to me.

Gabi's work is limited-production or one-of-a-kind, so visit our showroom to see available pieces.

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